Die So Fluid 'Dead Twin Sister'

DEAD TWIN SISTER by Die So Fluid - Celebrating Halloween 2016 


To celebrate HALLOWEEN 2016, Die So Fluid are giving away DEAD TWIN SISTER, a new previously unreleased song. The brilliantly spooky artwork features singer/bassist Grog Rox and has been created by renowned DOGWITCH and Killdarlings graphic novelist and illustrator Dan Schaffer.

The band have posted a blog on their website about the inspiration behind the song.

The lyrics were inspired by a severe overindulgence in paranormal research documentaries and an obsession with strange true tales. It’s a story of an intense parasitic friendship turned sour, like some demonic ‘single white female’ scenario ...
— Grog

Fans can grab the free download when they sign up at the band's website or via Bandcamp, or stream it now from their Soundcloud and YouTube channels. It'll be up on Spotify, Apple Music and the rest from Friday 28th October. Just in time for those Halloween playlists!!

DIE SO FLUID are currently finishing writing and recording their fifth studio album ONE BULLET FROM PARADISE, due for release on Strataville in 2017.