The Opposites Of Light re-released

Die So Fluid re-release their glorious 4th album ‘The Opposites Of Light’ on Strataville.

Originally released in May 2014 Die So Fluid‘s glorious 4th album ‘The Opposites Of Light’ has been unavailable on streaming platforms for some time due to technical difficulties experienced by their previous distributor. But no more! It’s back in all its cinematic, ferocious, hard rocking glory.

The Opposites of Light was a title we came up with that kind of made us chuckle” says singer/bassist GROG.
“It’s kind of funny to us because yeah, it’s heavy and it’s dark, but it made sense. It allowed us to represent those two things and really explore them. We’ve touched on those before and that’s what we’re known for, the heavy punk-y raw thing that we do. But I also love to do the more torch song kind of stuff.
I don’t really care about boundaries or fitting into genres or stuff. To me that’s ridiculous and I just want to explore what I’m capable of as a musician.
So that’s why we’ve got this broad spectrum of style in there. The sound of the band really holds it all together, and that’s the magic”.

Right from the band’s inception Die So Fluid always fit a bit awkwardly with their peers. Unable to be neatly pigeon-holed the band have transcended the conventions of hard rock and alternative metal and established a sound and image that evokes the dark themes of post-punk and goth with a decidedly aggressive and singularly melodic spin. Their strength is their diversity and with each album Die So Fluid have flaunted their individuality.

Visually compelling & imaginative. Dark, hard and heavy. Die So Fluid is a punk-fuelled beast that spits and kicks, raw and volatile. And yet, like a swan gliding with dark majesty through still waters, Grog’s voice soars above it all. Hard, soft, sweet, layered or bare. Whatever the song demands, the song gets.

From post-punk to big rock moments to trips into surreal dementia or pop brilliance, this band can do it all. Die So Fluid is everything great about hard rock.

Check out 'Black Blizzard' the debut single from The Opposites Of Light and Buy - Stream - Listen on all the usual channels.

Die So Fluid will be releasing new album One Bullet from Paradise in 2017.