RICH LIST announce debut single 'Esha Ness'

Rich List

Rich List


And they're off! 'Esha Ness', the debut single from electro art-pop activists RICH LIST, is released on March 31 2017.

ESHA NESS was the name of the horse that famously won the 1993 Grand National that never was. And it ran the second fastest time in history.

After the second false start, the race was declared void. Unfortunately, nobody could get the message across to jockey John White:

The race was restarted, and off I went. That was it. You don’t ride it like an ordinary race. You have to have your wits about you, and just focus on getting your horse around the track.
— John White

He did. He won. But he didn't!

Does all this sound like a metaphor for human existence? Or love?

Well, it did to electro art-pop activists RICH LIST, so they wrote a song about it. (The metaphor, that is. Not the horse.)

They also shot an artfully grainy and galloping new video for the song. It's a ride.

The single is taken from the band's upcoming album Hold Your Forked Tongue. Watch this space!

You were never really winning
But you must keep running.
You’ve gotta keep running
You’ve got to out run the emptiness
The loneliness.

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