Jon C Butler announces forthcoming album


Pre-order Jon’s new album ‘Universal Stranger’ now and receive bonus songs, exclusive updates and limited edition merch.

Singer songwriter Jon C Butler has been writing, recording and releasing albums since his band Diesel Park West released their hugely influential debut Shakespeare Alabama some 25 years ago.

Although the album received tremendous critical acclaim and the band’s sparkling Rickenbacker-jangling, West Coast rock was favourably compared to The Byrds & Springsteen, it was Jon’s song writing in particular that received the highest accolades with quality comparisons made to Ray Davies, Fred Neil, Marriot-Lane and Neil Young.

This early acclaim for both band and writer didn’t turn into noticeable success, but the band played on and Jon’s song writing and burgeoning solo career continued unabated. After all, a writer writes, and if a new song can touch people and make them feel a little less alone in the world, then all the better.

As we fast forward into 2017 the release of Jon’s new album Universal Stranger is a particularly notable occasion. With eight critically acclaimed Diesel Park West studio albums, three John Butler solo albums & numerous collaborative releases behind him, Universal Stranger is actually a debut album! It’s the first to be released under the name Jon C Butler.

Why the name change? Well – in a world where discovery is now dominated by Google and an artist’s unique online presence is perhaps their most valuable asset – the new Jon C Butler moniker should arrest any further confusion between Jon and his Australian namesake.

Included with the pre-order is the opportunity to buy an exclusive, limited edition, 10-song, best of, retrospective album A Backward Glance in which Jon collates a personal selection of songs he’s written & released over the years. In the accompanying booklet he explains why he chose the songs, what they mean, their significance to him and other anecdotes.