Rich List release 'Life Seances'


RICH LIST will release single 'LIFE SEANCES' from their upcoming album Hold Your Forked Tongue on 16 June 2017.

'Life Seances' examines the inevitable existential crisis that follows an emotional disaster. No wallowing though. It weaves lyrical miserabilism into a majestic rollercoaster ride of driving electro pop. Heartbreak never sounded so good.

Feeling lonely? / I commune with you
The ghost who lingers / If your body can’t find rest
Please, please stop haunting me.

They've also shot an artfully grainy and ghostly new video for the song. Now you see me. Now you don't.

‘LIFE SEANCES is available from 16 June 2017 on Strataville. RICH LIST's debut album Hold Your Forked Tongue is available for pre-order now.