She Makes War Roars in Protest with New Single


As the UK general election approaches, She Makes War (aka solo artist Laura Kidd) jabs a lyrical finger at the British government, mainstream press and institutionalised bigotry.

With scathing lyrics and searing guitars, her new single I Want My Country Back is a heartfelt protest song roaring with irony and rocking with shout-along melodies.

So let’s make Britain great
Get your fake news from the Daily Hate
Close your eyes - let them feed you to the wolves
You deserve it
— I Want My Country Back

To encourage sharing and in the spirit of protest, I Want My Country Back, released 19 May on Strataville, is available as a free download until the general election on June 8th. Sharing is caring! It can also be streamed from all the major platforms.

Read the manifesto behind I Want My Country Back in Laura's own words.

she makes war (aka laura kidd) 

she makes war (aka laura kidd)