grog 'guiding light'

grog 'guiding light'

'Guiding Light' is the second solo single from LA-based singer Grog Lisee, aka singer/bass player and face of cult rock band Die So Fluid.

The song reflects an extremely emotional period in Grog's life as she tries to process and grieve the sudden passing of her close friend and Die So Fluid drummer Al Fletcher.

“The video for GUIDING LIGHT has an extra resonance due to the timing, circumstances and location of its creation.It was shot against blackened and ash covered landscapes in the aftermath of the Sand Fire, named after the Sand Canyon area where I live, east of LA’s Santa Clarita Valley. It consumed thousands of acres and came within two miles of my house, directly after the day I received news of Al’s passing. You could say my whole world had turned to ash.

Previously, I’d spent a week in London visiting Al in intensive care. My mind was filled with dark visions of the destructive nature of sepsis and the harsh, cruel way in which nature often devastates and yet continues to give birth to new life, new beginnings.

When the Sand Fire was finally under control I had an overwhelming urge to shoot something; maybe it was about the effort to create something, to try to let something out, or just to feel the ash and dirt on my skin. It wasn’t until I returned from my second trip to the UK for Al’s funeral that I shot the rest of the scenic footage and the areas I explored still resonated strongly with my emotional state.

No matter how massive your loss, how heavy your heart, every challenge is an opportunity to rise to your light, to take the unique familiar goodness that you miss so much and recognise it in others, and in yourself. It’s still there in your heart. Change is the very nature of all things, and though I detest what has happened, I will be changed by Al’s death, and I must guide that change towards positivity and growth.”

— GROG, SEP 2016

In addition to her work with DIE SO FLUID, GROG has worked on live, studio, and collaborative projects with a broad range of artists including TOM DeCILLO, MEL C and OZZY OSBOURNE.

GUIDING LIGHT is released 14 October 2016 on Strataville.



grog 'guiding light'


Artist: GROG
Release: 14 OCT 2016
Label: Strataville
Format: Digital
Buy/Stream: smarturl